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Question to all who are interested!

So, random question for all of you who care to answer.
Have you or do you ever have mental or physical problems of any kind when you wear the stone, Hematite?

I do, and I am curious as to who else does. I have a vague theory as to why it happens, but since the only case I know of, or can find, is myself, I'd love to hear someone else's opinion on the matter. Most especially if you've experienced the effects yourself or know someone who has.

Also, to clarify, I mean specifically negative reactions. A negative change of mindset or thought pattern that begins unexpectedly and ends with the removal of the stone, or a physical symptom that, again, directly correlates to the stone in question.

Hope to hear from folks soon, and please feel free to post this question anywhere else you think might raise interest. If you do, please link me to it, since I'm plenty curious!


So here is a little more information on the matter, to help clarify. ^_^

What I am most interested in, is the effect on the person wearing the stone, not on the stone itself.

The effects that I have noted are;

Sudden and inexplicable panic attacks.
The shakes, which begin seconds after contact with the stone and continue as long as it is in contact with skin.
Black depression, with no cause.
Violent thoughts and tendancies of a distressing nature.
Rash where the stone touches skin
A tingling burn where the stone touches skin(almost like contact with one of those 'plasma' balls)

All of these effects begin as soon, or within an hour of, putting the stone in contact with skin and end within an hour of removal. The emotional and mental effects take longer to fade, but how long the shakes last is proportunal to how long I wore the stone.

I know a lot of people have experiance with hematite shattering, and many have seen positive effects, but I have found next to nothing regarding the negative effects people have seen, specifically of the nature that I experianced. I have never had hematite shatter, but after I figured out it's effect on me, and a few controlled exparaments, I've avoided the stuff as much as possible.
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