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Okay, I know the back text isn't there yet, but it's coming soon. for now...

After twelve years, Evan Ross knew when he took the job that he might not come back from it, but that was a risk every professional scuba diver took. He knew the dangers before he got in the water.

No amount of experience could have prepared him for a cave-in that would trap him out of reach of his team with no hope for a rescue. Suddenly a race is on to find a new way out before he runs out of air.

Alone in the dark with the cold seeping into his bones, Evan keeps going until suddenly he’s taking his last breath of air and his vision fades to black.

When he opens his eyes again he’s lying on a beach with the sun blazing down and the purr of Search and Rescue’s boat pulling up.

But he was out of air and trapped deep underground, so how did he end up on a beach without a single piece of his scuba equipment in sight?

The answer might lay with Eione Waters who sells pearls at the market and knows more about the ocean than anyone.

After all, a mermaid’s kiss can save a man from drowning.
Tags: breakwater, mermaid, writing
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