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5 days and counting!

So my publisher posted these two clips from Breakwater for me to share!

“I must tell you, as with humans, some of our kind live up to the bloody reputation we often have in tales. There are some who kill for pleasure.”

“So the whole luring people into shipwrecks part is-” Evan barely wanted to say it out loud. It wasn’t a nice thought.

“True, I’m afraid. There are shoals who don’t see humans as beings to be respected. They delighted in the great World Wars. The underwater mines were and are a useful tool for a shoal that hunts ships.”

“Those things are dangerous!” Evan exclaimed, sitting up straight.

Mavis nodded. “They are. But they aren’t difficult to move, for a mermaid who cares to do so. There are other ways to sink a ship, but that is a convenient way that throws no light on what we truly are. Which would you believe, that a mine came free of its mooring and drifted into the way of a ship, or that a mermaid put it there?”

And this one also,

“Open your eyes.” Eione said in his ear and he spared a moment to wonder how she could speak so clearly under water. “Open your eyes Evan, and breathe for me.”

The first thing he saw when he opened his eyes was Eione, easily keeping them both steady in the water with lazy flicks of her tail.

The water around them was a little blurred since he hadn’t bothered with his mask but it didn’t obscure his sight of the mermaid in front of him, or of her delighted smile.

His lungs were starting to burn and Eione pressed her lips to his again. “Breathe.” She whispered.

The moment of truth.

He would never admit how hard it was to take his first breath of water. His heart stuttered to a stop as he forced himself to inhale.

The full book will be available on Amazon, the B&N online bookstore, and the publisher's site directly. As soon as it's available (five days holy shit) I'll post links! It'll be there for electronic and hard copy purchase.
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