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The Book Tag game

Saw @thewronghands version and thought it would be fun!

The Rules:
List 10 books that have stayed with you in some way. Don't take more than a few minutes and do not think too hard. They do not have to be the "right" books or great works of literature, just ones that have affected you in some way.

1) Firebird, by Mercedes Lackey
This book is fluff, true and simple. The imagery and quality of writing stuck with me though. It's been one of my favorites for a long time. I reach for it any time I want to read something safe and comfortable as my favorite blanket.

2) Trickster's Queen, by Tamora Pierce
This one, about a young spy in a country not her own, is the second in the series, and the series is a sequel to another series I've loved for a long time. The main character, a young woman who is pleased to finally apply her long-honed skills, really spoke to me. She spent her life trying to figure out how to spend her life. In the trying, she fell into work she was suited for by accident.

3) The Hobbit, by John RR Tolkien
One of the first chapter books I read. I didn't understand it until years later, but the story of it caught and held me at a very young age. I still love it, but it's harder to read now. All my favorite characters die.

4) Dealing With Dragons, by Patricia Wrede
Cimorine is not a usual princess. She learns Latin, swordplay, cooking, a little magic, and refuses to marry the prince her family picked for her. Instead, she runs off to live with a dragon, and in a later book, marries a king who manages to win her respect. Any questions why I love this book?

5) The Will of the Empress, by Tamora Pierce
This book is the sum of two quartets, both that I adore, that actually puts those awesome books to shame. The characters are so vivid, and I love the way their magic works.

6) Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher, by Bruce Coville
This book was the first I every read that addressed the very real dangers and difficulties of raising a hatchling dragon. She breaks things. Keeping her fed is a problem. She eventually gets so big, he has to find somewhere else for her to go. What can I say? Dragons are a thing for me.

7) Catkin, by Antonia Barber
This is a children's book I loved so much, as much for the beautiful art as for the amazing story of a little cat who goes into Underhill to rescue his baby mistress from the sidhe who made off with her. This is the only story that I've ever seen that ends well for all parties in the changeling situation.

8) Dinotopia, by James Gurney
I never much cared for the story, but the pictures in it capture my imagination every time I read through this one. I love it not so much for itself, but for what it does to my own writing and world building. Forever ago, Waterfall City inspired my very first attempt to design a city. We all know where that particular thread led me, so many years down the road.

9) Storm of Swords
I remember when this first came out. I had just gotten into the series at that point, and the descriptions of the battles absolutely blew me away.

10) Dressing a Galexy, the Costumes of Star Wars, by Trisha Biggar
The only non-fantasy on this list, I was enthralled by the costumes in this book, and it very seriously effected how I do character design myself now. Before this book, it never occurred to me how much it would help to know what my characters were wearing before I tried to write about them.
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